Thursday, July 16, 2009

Is Harry Potter Afraid of a few Vampires?

Just saw the new Harry Potter movie last night and I enjoyed it. Who could complain? An evening sitting down with old friends, catching up on what's new at Hogwarts and of course, confronting new evils.

The problem is that now, in hindsight, Harry seems like a good Chinese dinner. I enjoyed it at the time but two and a half hours later I was left feeling hungry and empty.

I intentionally didn't re-read the book before seeing the movie. If Steve Kloves can't tell a good story with the script alone then I'm kind of screwed anyway, right?

Only this time it felt like Mr. Kloves got the order to make this "Twilight" like, up to and including hormonal adolescent growing pains. Yes, I do remember that's what ONE of the stories of the book was but in the movie it was the main driving force. There was "snogging" everywhere, even in the background of what should have been a tense, suspenseful, danger-filled moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a good snog on a frequent basis but the story should have and could have been about so much more. While this was nowhere nearly as lame as "Twilight," I can help but wonder if the producer of this aging behemoth of a series is feeling the hot - or in this case very cold - breath of the new rock star in town.


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toyeventer said...

Have to say I agree. But you already knew that...... Yes, it was important to show our main characters growing up, but what about all the important plot stuff that was either "wafted" over or simply not given? Are they saving it for the next movie cause of all the "time-holding" camping?