Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Ongoing Scriptwriting Program Debate

An Anonymous Reader poses the question:


In the heart of entertainment ,HOLLYWOOD, what percentage is using final draft and what percentage is using Movie Magic?

My gut feeling is that more are using Final Draft BUT that could be a personal bias against MM. Way back in the old days of stone tablets (ok, maybe not that long ago but close) I had a crummy experience with the original company that made (still makes??) Movie Magic. I wasn't even using the screenwriting program so admittedly, my bias is completely illogical and unfair but there you go.

I have installed a new message forum so please weigh in on the continuing scriptwriting program debates!

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CTMCM said...

I went to your new message forum and was bombarded by pop-ups about malware on my computer. Better figure I won't be going there EVER again.

Bob in Richmond, TX